Why Choose Us?

Planning Your Finances

We aim to be ‘a cut above’ other brokers and comparison sites. We would like you to
stay with us for life, after all. Planning your finances can be daunting but our experts
are here to save you time and money and take away the stress by:

• Carrying out a ‘fact-finding’ mission to understand your needs and circumstances
before we begin looking for your product.

• Offering you a range of suitable options and act as a consultant – we don’t try to
sell you products you don’t want or need.

• Explaining the advice we give clearly and honestly. As a broker we act impartially.

• Making sure you understand, and are happy with the terms of any product we

• Explaining our fees clearly and in full up-front. There are no hidden costs.

• Helping you through every stage of the transaction, and answering any questions
you have afterwards.