Reviewing your mortgage

Why should you review your mortgage?

Your mortgage deal may have been competitive initially, but periodically reviewing and remortgaging when a better deal is available could save you a significant amount of money.

We can review your mortgage up to 3 months before it expires or if you have been switched to a standard variable rate. You have the option to stick with your current lender or switch to a new one based on your personal preferences and needs. We will contact you when it’s time to review, we are by your side and will ensure you get the most competitive deal.

Why should I remortgage? 

Here are four reasons to remortgage.

  1. Your current mortgage deal ends soon.
    This is a good time to check for better mortgage deals before moving to the lender’s standard variable rate.


  1. You’re paying a high-interest rate.
    If you are currently on a standard variable rate, switching to a fixed or tracker rate may lower your monthly payments or help you pay off your mortgage sooner.


  1. You want to pay off your mortgage early.
    Switching to a mortgage that allows overpayments can help you pay off your mortgage sooner than expected.


  1. Your property has increased in value.
    In this situation, you could apply to borrow more for things like home improvements. Your decreased loan-to-value ratio may qualify you for a wider range of interest rates.
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