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Health & Wellbeing Line

LV= offer their customers free access to their LV= Health and Wellbeing Line.

The Health & Wellbeing Line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Its offers you immediate access to counselling and practical expert advice on anything from health and well-being, to legal and financial matters.

Health & medical support – You’ll have access to a team of trained medical professionals who can answer your questions, and offer you practical advice and support on anything from child and elderly care issues, to what to expect if you (or a member of your family) needs to have an operation.

Counselling Service – Their experienced counsellors will be able to give advice on things like relationship difficulties, bereavement or stress at a time convenient to you.

Legal advice – The LV= Health and Wellbeing Lines means you can get access to most legal issues, without the associated costs. Their legal advice service is provided by a team of lawyers, solicitors and legal executives who have experience in over 100 areas of law, including;

  • Personal - wills, trusts, powers of attorney, probate and consumer rights
  • Property - nuisance neighbours, home purchase and access rights
  • General law - civil litigation, motoring offences, debt advice and personal injury
  • Family law - child maintenance, divorce and domestic violence
  • Employment - unfair dismissal, redundancy and discrimination

Source: LV= - Health & Wellbeing Support Line PDF Doc

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