Legal and General

Legal & General


SmoothMove is automatically provided at no extra cost to all customers who take out a Legal & General mortgage protection plan.

SmoothMove is available to help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with domestic emergencies and a legal helpline during the first three months in your new home.

They can help if:

  • Your removal van fails to arrive.
  • Your car breaks down or is involved in an accident en route to your new home.
  • Your removal van has not arrived at your new home or your household goods have been lost in an accident, fire or theft on the way.
  • You are unable to move into your new home because the vendors have not moved out.
  • A home emergency arises after you move.
  • After moving in, you are in need of further legal advice.

Terms & Conditions apply.
Source: Policy Summary and Policy Terms & Conditions of SmoothMove

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